Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Hand made felt buttons

I have been experimenting with a variety of layered fabrics, ticking, felts etc to make interesting buttons for various projects. My quilted flowers were the start and I have done some lovely red and white layered mattress buttons, I love those old mattress buttons especially the old French ones, they have been my inspiration.
I have been long pondering how to" dress up" my patchwork wool throws when I remembered some layered felt I made at Eileen Sarup's felting workshop.....perfect ! because it is multi-layered I can part the layers and get a really good effect.
I think it lifts the whole thing ?


  1. they are lovely. Lizzie PS any chance you could send me some more flyers for the Bridport fair as I have none left. Thanks xxx

  2. Thanks Lizzie just got another batch so will get them off to you xxxxx

  3. Love the felt buttons. Adds a little touch of whimsy with your simply beautiful patchwork wool. Clever.

  4. Thanks Stephanie ..praise indeed from such an accomplished needlewoman