Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Friend from the far North

We have had lots of visitors this Christmas and I think Marilyn is definitely from the furthest away. She has driven down from Shetland to visit her son in Yorkshire and then on to spend a few days with me. I have just waved her off into the snowy north. It was great to catch up and it has made me feel another visit to the Islands is overdue.
It is a lovely place full of lovely people and an abundance of wildlife and especially the birds.
Lerwick is a great place and there is a strong connection with Norway.
Look on the Shetland web site and be tempted ! Marilyn runs a great b&b looking down the " voe " to the sea.
As you see I took her to a Dorset favourite ..Lyme Regis which was a great hit.


  1. I see it is still 'snowing' very prettily in Lyme R. thanks to your cleveer widget - I borrowed the idea from you but am fed up with snow and ice and now want to turn it off and can't find an unsubscribe button - am I stuck in a snow drift for ever, Linda ????- I bet your friend was pleased to be out of drifts but even on the S. Coast you both look very well wrapped up in winter woolies and due for a hot cup of tea. love Buffy

  2. Hi Buffy it is freezing down here !! I think you should be able to remove it if you go to gadgets? have you tried that? xxxx Happy New Year