Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Those were the days...

Finding this wonderful old sheet music from another era took me back in my memory to when in my childhood at family gatherings there was always a group round the piano.
Making your own entertainment with piano music is a marvellous talent and I guess because I was brought up with it it has always been something I enjoy.
I am from the North and so often you would find someone on the piano at the pub. There was a favourite coffee house called the " Coffee Pot " that had wonderful jazz piano at night , and my Auntie used to love to go out for tea and there was nearly always a piano on those occasions.


  1. I know what you mean Linda, even being a Southerner, I remember the days when people made their own music in pubs & cafes, or even at each others houses when I was younger. It was always something that encouraged community spirit and simple pleasure at sharing. Something we could do with reviving in these times! xx

  2. Oh I just love old sheet music ! It really does capture another time doesnt it?! I have a few of my favorite peices framed and they are wonderful talking points ! "You belong to me" - one of my treasures !! Lovely post ! XX