Thursday, 18 February 2010

In the Red ! my favorites

I adore the rustic linens with the red initials, so when rummaging through a pile of linen my heart leaps when I catch that glimpse of red ! they nearly always seem to be on the inside so it is a lovely surprise and could easily be missed. Lizzie and I had some lovely finds and I have been up to my eyes in steam the last two days.
We will have plenty of Linen for projects at the Rag Market and some lovely pieces of 19th cent. Linen for Shepton Mallet from the 19th of March and Talent for Textiles at Ilminster on March 24th one of our best and most enjoyable fairs. Caroline Bushell is a star.

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  1. Hi Linda, like you, I adore the red initials & monogrammes! Lois x