Friday, 5 February 2010

Just can"t Wait !!!

Wed night will see the " Franglais" duo on the night Ferry to France!
We are off to stay with my lovely Ticky and her Nick for 4 nights , what bliss and a textile sale which we have missed the last two years thrown in for good measure.
So we will have lots of time to rummage in our favourite haunts and hopefully have some Booty for the Rag Market at Bridport on Feb. 20th.
I just can't wait for my first real French coffee and croissant
Just can't wait to see the familiar " spotty cows "
Just can't wait to enjoy the quiet French roads meandering through the rural countryside
Just can't wait to smell the familiar wood smoke , freshly baked bread and pastries and the sharp French tobacco on a crisp Market morning.
can't wait to get my hands on some lovely rustic old linen
Yes ! I have that lovely feeling of anticipation


  1. Very lyrical indeed!!!!!!!! Looking forward to it too. just hope I get rid of my nasty cough and it doesn't snow!!!!!!!! xx

  2. talking of snow ! David has been searching on a forum as my blog seemed to be hacked into and kept diverting to another site!! getting rid of the snow effect cured it!!

  3. I came to warn you about the snowflake thing! Very jealous to hear about your french trip... love those spotty cows too! Lizx

  4. Oh thank you it was quite bizarre , shame really as I liked the snow, would like the sound of the sea too ! xx

  5. Hi Linda

    Have a great time - and do remember to bring Ticky to DH when she next comes over. Would love to meet her (and see what she thinks).

    Thanks for your sweet comment. The green background is more or less what seems to have become the new DH 'corporate colour'!!

    Homes & Antiques is giving the fair a mention next month.

    See you on 20th.

    Sue x

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