Wednesday, 21 April 2010

When a summerhouse becomes a beach hut

We had a delightful evening at my friend Yvonne's last night . We enjoyed every last ray of sunshine over a glass of wine in her delightful little " beach hut "
Last summer she decided to turn all the junk out of her summerhouse and give it a new look. She can enjoy the garden with music at her fingertips and her laptop to hand, the perfect escape for her writing.
This year more has been added and it is on my list to look for sea side items to add to the decor.
It just shows what a bit of imagination can do.....have you a corner for a little hideaway? even a modest little shed can provide a little haven , we girls love our sheds

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  1. Hi I would love to turn my shed in to something like that but there is so much stuff in there it's bulging at the seams ! One day in my dreams x