Saturday, 29 May 2010

Is it a kite Grandma?

Yesterday I took the afternoon off and went with Yvonne to be " deputy grandma " with her two visiting grand sons , my goodness gone are the days of the old windbreak ! the beach had an amazing selection of folding beach " bendies " for keeping bags and children cool.
This construction rendered me helpless but Grandma won .
Lyme is one of my chosen places , I love it . The beach is spotless, you can rent and ice cream coloured beach hut by the day or week cool is that.
We had lovely fish and chips buckets and spades windmills and on the way along the prom an ice cream.
My childhood if full of memories of getting on the tram and everyday possible a group of us with a couple of brave mums used to go to Cat and Dog stairs and spend all day there. When the tide came in we had to retreat to the prom and there was a green hut that used to sell pots of tea. funny I don't remember rain at all !
I did call in to Susie Cole's shops which are worth a trip , just wonderful and I managed to buy just the right present in their inside out shop Ginger Beer.


  1. Wonderful day. I love that "deputy grandma". Dreaming of fish and chips.

  2. Hi Stephanie would love to treat you to some one day ! xx