Saturday, 5 June 2010

Flea Market Style from USA

When I used to go to America regularly I always used to look for the magazines on Flea Market finds and Shabby Chic, my old copies are worn old favourites but still spark off ideas and the look is definitely different.
I found through the Blog world I could get one from a lady dealer and in the course of it all I found these stencils in her Etsy shop so I had a lovely parcel today along with some chalk board tags I also got from Margo.
A very retro look I am sure I can do something stylish with them


  1. I had a party of ladies from Missouri and Oklahoma here today and they were talking about the quilts, so beautifully quilted by a group of women with German ancestors who live a special cult life in a small enclosed community - they wear long dark skirs, white bonnets, use no machines or electricity and still only use horse and cart for travel - we always think of Americans as being into the very latest gizmos and gadgets but these groups, like the Mormons and the Amish have kept some of the oldest traditions alive - I know you used to buy quilts in Missouri on your trips there and I wonder if you came across these people? Buffy

  2. Yes Buffy we used to pass them on the Highway on their way to Church in their horse drawn gigs, just such a lovely sight xxxx