Friday, 18 June 2010

French Leave

It is 10 years since I drove down through France on my own so this was a bit of a personal challenge going solo to see Ticky and Nick for a few days break and of course some buying.
I was up at 3am and on the road to Portsmouth to catch the early fast "Cat" to Caen, we left Portsmouth in the tipping rain but the crossing was fine ,I was more impressed with the bigger Cat much more space to move about and less scruffy, also only 3 1/2 hour crossing which was nice.
When the ramp went down I was pleased to see it was fine and soon had managed to negotiate round Caen and onto the lovely road south through Swiss Normandy, I thoroughly enjoyed the drive with my road numbers taped to the dashboard and by early afternoon I was driving up their drive admiring Nicks handiwork a beautiful straight post and rail fence.
A welcome cup of tea in beautiful sunshine on the bench outside the front door watching the horses who were entertaining a big bay gelding Troy who was staying the weekend...really funny
It is such an idyllic setting and they have done lots since we were there in the snow, so lovely to be back.
I had a wonderful time enjoying their great hospitality and Tick's fine food , guess who's on a diet again ! Thanks guys you 're the tops

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