Saturday, 30 October 2010

Meet Ned

You can tell he was born in the 50's look at that Quiff !!
Caroline and I were out and about in Bridport yesterday putting up posters and leaving flyers for the Rag Market November 27th and generally having a nice afternoon visiting . We had Tassle and Tyg with us and that all added to the fun , I love those dogs.
We had already spent most of our money here and there ,Jackdaws have wonderful things. We arrived at " Pam's Warehouse " always worth a visit I got through the door and there he was ... very dejected and sad , right said I , you are coming home with me. Ned has a good pedigree and has had a busy life , some where he lost an ear but that can be done and I think he needs nicer eyes ?? he is a" Merrythought".
Next stop was Kate's Cornucopia next door, she is another treasure trove. Kate entered into the spirit of things , cut off the mangy ribbon strung round him and found him a lovely kerchief, by now he was starting to cheer up and got a fuss made of him by Sharon at Old Albion where we are doing our Bridport Vintage Market tomorrow.
When we got home I gave him a good brush a new braid halter and found him an embroidered felt blanket. He now looks much happier as you can see.
If any of you can help on the fake fur for an ear or some nice big eyes or indeed have any other ideas please let me know.
I know they will be coming for me in the white coats soon !! but many of us have childhood memories of these and expect you would have done the same


  1. Great 'orse! Thank you for your blog comment. Saturday certainly was a day to remember! xx

  2. Dear Linda,
    What a fun posting! How wonderful that you rescued Ned. We think he looks smashing!! One question...what's a quiff?????
    Peace and plenty,
    Sheila and Sherrill

  3. Aww hes lovely, lucky Ned to end up in a good home. I know he will be a different pony by the time you have finished with him. I do agree with you on the eyes though. Have you thought about some big black coat buttons for eyes? I look forward to meeting Ned when I next come and visit xxx

  4. Thanks girls Sheila and Sherrill I love your blog a quiff is that 50's tuft of hair brushed up from the forehead that the " Teddy boys "had best wishes Linda