Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Cowslip Workshop Christmas on the Farm

It was wonderful to arrive at Cowslip on Thursday afternoon to the most welcoming festive atmosphere, fairy lights festooned the trees and branches which the girls were arranging in swags and arches setting off the lovely old stone and beams.
There was a tremendous bustle as we had come from further than most so they were well into setting up which was so tempting and distracting I made some purchases in the first few hours of being there.
Mostly the stall holders are regulars and it is lovely to see them again and see what new creative ideas they have come up with. They are mostly " makers " with some Brocante and our vintage stock to make a variety.
It was so lovely to be back, rather like going on " retreat", such a warm welcoming atmosphere and Jo and Stephen make us feel like members of the family.
One of my favourite memories is sitting drinking tea in my cosy sleigh bed looking out over the hillside looking at the little farmhouses on the other side of the valley with their lights on and a swirl of mist and everything frosty and crisp and bright.


  1. What a fab place, sounds amazing! xx

  2. I has a wonderful day at Cowslip too on Friday. Loved your table and what you sell.
    Know what you mean about feeling like a member of the family. I get to teach down there a couple of times a year and always come home full of inspiration and thankful that Jo and Stephen are wonderful hosts.