Thursday, 2 December 2010

Scandinavia meets France those Fabulous red and whites

At this time of year I love my red and white, it is Christmas to me , my Scandinavian roots and connections , with my mother's Norman roots. They were all Norsemen in the distant past after all !
The snowy view from my window this morning prompted me to surround myself with the wonderful rich reds and French raspberry reds I love so much and to share it with you.


  1. Hi Linda, you should be nice and cosy with that lovely paisley shawl. I think that M and I escaped Dorset just in time!
    I just noticed that you enjoyed "The way we were(a life in threads) by Robert Elms, I used to dislike his manner thinking that he was very pretentious, however I thought that this book was great, and now also sometimes listen to his radio show (I lent my copy to someone and havn't seen it since).
    Keep off the ice!
    Tracey x

  2. Hi nice to hear from you, I have run out of steam and am just in the warm pottering. I borrowed the book from a friend and think I heard one radio show.I did enjoy the book
    speak soon xx Linda

  3. There is absolutely nothing that compares with those wonderful 19th Century shades of red! Also,I never realised you had such glamourous roots!!! I might come over for Shepton Flea so I can do a little Christmas shopping with Kate. Might catch you there?