Monday, 31 January 2011

Lady Shedowners

I know ! sounds like wheel tappers and shunters but we lady shed owners love our sheds.
I spent a Iovely morning today as the guest of Sue who invited me for a shed rummage.
Sue has been a tayloress and needlewoman all her life and has a shed overlooking a breathtaking view over the valley.
She has a row of Bernina sewing machines and a well organized workspace the shelves however were full of jars and tins and some happy time later this was what we accumulated.
We had great fun and I am happy with my collection.
I really like the amazing set of metal diamond shape Scottish buttons with a thistle on , these would have been on a lovely velvet jacket they wear with the kilt.
The pair of enamels with roses are sweet and some interesting mock-cut-steel-not-sure-what-they-are's?? and a nice collection of 40's


  1. I have to say that I'm the proud owner of TWO sheds- they're not smart with shelves and things, but they're my VERY OWN sheds (except that the chickens sleep in the corner of one) and I'm very proud of them!
    I rather like the name Lady a very posh ring to it!

  2. Shed Love - nice to know it's a lady thing! I have a little painted garden shed that is in our orchard and I dont use it, I store a lot of my furniture in an old concrete built shed/barn but can not use it for textiles as it is sooooo cold, so every room in our cottage has stuff piled up. I am doing a clear out stall at Shepton this time, all sorts of stuff that I just need to clear out.
    Love the steel buckle thingys.

  3. I need to blitz mine Linda - I can't get in the door. If only I could take it all to Shepton Flea, but no chance of that whilst I'm still doing Sundays at DH!!! Maybe after April ...

    I'm hoping the inside of mine will look a little more like the inside of yours once blitzed!

    Lady Shedowners unite xx