Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Fun at the Fair/ rag mkt French style

We were made really welcome by all the ladies who run the dressmakers rag market each year in a little Town about 15 miles from Ticky. We managed to get there last year despite the snow and bought some lovely things and Ticky had been before when we were unable to make it.
I occurred to us they might find us a novelty ! we packed about four boxes each I have never been anywhere with just four boxes , nevertheless we were happy with our day and met some really nice people, it made me practice my French too!!
The locals were intrigued with my darning mushrooms and I sold quite a few.
We had a little quiet time mid day while we all enjoyed a bit of lunch ,then they flooded back in and it was busy until 5.30.
We had a lovely surprise when Mark and Jean dropped in to say hello.
There were a good number of quilters there and there seems a good mix of French and English.
We have been invited to do another one further north at St Lo which we are considering whether we can manage depending on timings as we are soooo busy in May... it may be another quick "turn around" from one Fair to another but involving ferry travel so more complicated .
It was fun to be part of something in the community. Ticky was brilliant as always making sure we had lunch and were happily settled , when we got home a fantastic Sunday roast awaited us, then the fire and Bafta awards... happy bunnies

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