Sunday, 8 May 2011

Today's Snapshot Le Puy en Velay the strangest place yet

Founded in the 6th century and definitely on the Pilgrim route this city in the Avergne has two extraordinary natural features which strike you as you drop down the mountains..two volcanic chimney's shaped and eroded by weather to leave two huge stacks topped with enormous statues,
It really takes you by surprise !
It was mahem when we arrived and we had a stressful hour or so going round and round and eventually escaped back up the mountain the way we had come where we were lucky enough to get a room in a small hotel hanging on the side of the most amazing views with a very gourmet Restaurant next door Phew !!!!! what a relief, it was getting late.
Shame we did not get to go to the lace museum , Le Puy is famous for pillow room at the Ibis sadly , however I enjoyed the more peaceful location before tackling the city again next day to head for the Ardeche

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