Saturday, 7 May 2011

Today's snapshot view of Historic Bourges from Cathederal

We arrived in Bourges rush hour ( this was to happen most days ! ) after the first day of our trip after leaving our friends Ticky and Nick who we had stayed with after driving down from the ferry the afternoon before.
It is a beautiful old city and we saw a lot of these narrow streets looking for somewhere we might stay, almost one too many ! Freida is a bit broad in the beam..
we descended to the lower part of town and after a few circles found Hotel Ibis which had room for us . showered and relaxed we took a taxi up to the Cathedral and explored this beautiful place.Visited the inside of this amazing Cathedral and sat in on part of a service, with glorious music resounding in our ears ,we crept out and joined the cafe society in the square for a Kir before strolling back to our Hotel for supper.
We were triumphant as on our first day we had managed to buy a collection of samplers and a few other delights


  1. Loved viewing your trip and the revamp of your studio. Thanks for sharing!

  2. welcome nice to have you visit , do hope we speak soon Linda