Thursday, 29 September 2011

Trolley'd Again !!

I love tea trolleys ! especially folding ones , a mobile table when space is short at Fairs as it often is.

The last one I bought was pounced on it's first day out by a fellow stall holder who said it was top of her want could I resist... today walking home from the dentist via town to celebrate escaping I spotted another one.
See you at Honiton next Tuesday Oct. 4th


  1. Hi Linda
    I can spy a rather lovely green faded box in the second photo from the bottom. Is it still for sale please? I have almost worn out the black chemise I bought from you in Dorset!! It has become a kind of uniform I wear to the fairs.
    Jo xx

  2. Hello luv I have still got the box as I ususally use it for display.
    It is not perfect when will we see you again xxx