Saturday, 3 September 2011

Wooly Wonders

All those who follow me will have realised I love wool !
I wish I had the patience to knit like this , I do try at the " Spinners " but have only managed smaller projects.
These are so heavy I think they have to be wool. I would say 1940's ??? comments welcomed

One huge double and a single


  1. Beautiful workmanship Linda, I just wish I could knit without dropping stitches and making a mess of it! That must have taken someone hours and hours of work.
    Jo xx

  2. Yes...These a are really lovely....!
    My good old Sicilian Mama, took three years to do one. 12ftx10ft. She made it for my daughter, and she still has it....AND...It weighs a ton...! :).
    Never been used, to heavy...
    And....I do know, there from the 1940's...And, usually Welsh.....

  3. Wow these are amazing. Are they for sale? Really beautiful! Are they Italian? I'm intrigued...

    Thanks for following Chic Provence...I'm now a follower of yours,



  4. Just to say....
    Italian....Yes they could be, especially Southern Italy, And, my home, in Sicily...!
    Also, just to mention, the one my Mama made was crochet, not knitted, that's, partly why it took so long. Back in Sicily, the old ladies in the villages, sit for hours, making such things....And, a joy to watch.....