Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hard to say goodbye !

 Dear brave Rufus, my faithfull friend for over 20 years through thick and thin.
So sad to have to say goodbye,but here are some happy moments we shared.He had loads of fans amongst my friends so just wanted to share the memories

smelling the flowers at Muckleford

 Happy Christmas
 Computer Cat, she seems to like it ...wonder which paw I use
What !! is this not for me then ?? A cat needs somewhere nice to nap


  1. So sad. I shall miss him shouting at me when I sit in his place on the sofa.xxxxxxx

    1. oh dear I think we will have a lot of moments like this , he certainly won't be forgotten !
      xx thanks

  2. I am sorry to read your news; they take such a chunk of your heart with them when they go.
    Just as I started to type this, Tom Jones came on the radio singing Pussycat Pussycat I love You...

  3. Hi Linda, so sorry to hear your news. From a crazy cat woman. xxxx