Saturday, 18 August 2012

Lovely to be back

I arrived at Les Pannards on Friday evening after a quiet crossing and a lovely drive south in sunshine.
I was so pleased to be back driving up past the post and rail to the house, two things missing .." the Girls " Pepita and Rosy had gone for a little holiday at the Stud.
Nick and Ticky have been really busy getting the new stables ready for the horses coming home and I had the water bucket holders in the back of Freida just the finishing touches to do now.
Saturday morning we set off with trailer on tow on the most gorgeous day you can imagine.It was a lovely drive through beautiful countryside and past some amazing Chateaux north of Alencon and onwards for well over an hour, being in a van and not driving I really enjoyed the journey , you get such a good view being high up !!
The Stud is a delight and its owners really lovely people who I warmed to straight away.
As soon as we got out we were welcomed by three mares and foals with their heads over the doors of their loose boxes , just gorgeous as you can see.
Pauline welcomed us and they went off to catch the girls in the field, then we had a cup of tea before loading them into the trailer, Rosy decided after going in ok to shoot out again backwards at a great rate of knots a couple of times but only a token protest.
I had been told about George the wild pig they had rescued but it still does'nt really prepare you for a wild boar that thinks he is a dog who trotted up to me and "spuffled "over my trousers looking for treats !
We met the stallion Express who is a lovely boy with a really nice temperament  , his babies are certainlybeautiful.
We had spotted a Brocante in the next village on the way there , so Nick stopped while we ran in , we could hear Pepita stamping in the trailer so did not hang about but came our triumphant with six gorgeous hemp shirts, that made my day complete.

It was a fairly long and careful drive home but so pretty , The girls were thrilled to be in their field full of fresh grass and their new stables have also passed muster , so successful all round, we were able to sit on the bench enjoy the view and review our lovely day