Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Franglais " the big trip " Beauvais to Reims

We left Campanile Beauvais after a lovely breakfast now fully commited to this Hotel Chain
Compaigne was our next stop , quite an elegant town with some important historical events, we chose to head south through the glorious old hunting forests to Pierrefonds where there is the most amazing Chateau and lovely surrounding town.

Reading the history we were reminded we were very close to Paris
We spent a happy hour or so, it was such a surprise when you suddenly see this huge building and the little village itself is very elegant.
The forests were lovely and you felt it was unchanged from ancient times.
We continued to Reims and after a bit of driving round we managed to park opposite the Cathederal.
It is just so impressive, it quite takes your breath away.
More signs of Joan of Arc in the form of a lovely statue , she keeps popping up !
We thoroughly enjoyed the Cathederal but as it was raining we decided to head for our next Campanile south Reims on the road to Epernay... Champagne
Easier said than done ! in the end I left the city heading back the way we came and on coming in again we found our road and Tom Tom told us where to turn off for our Hotel.
This one was very smart with a special restaurant, but the prices are consistant.
In the evenings before dinner we would settle down to do our travel journals, cutting and sticking and writing all about our day... great fun


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