Tuesday, 15 July 2014

If only fabrics could speak !

 If only fabrics could tell us how they arrive in such odd places!!
I reconised these as very fine white work hand embroidered on the finest lawn , they are actually " bonnet backs " from the National costume worn in the Touraine region ( near Tours ) some one has made them into mats but they would frame beautifully or grace anyone 's lace collection.
There are 12 in all and all different.
The central flowers were all important, one was for a single lady and two signified you were married.
The bonnets themselves were very elaborate and large with these beautiful embroideries on show from behind
These came to me in London through my Web site from a 94 year old lady but her daughters knew of no French connection
My friend Olga assures me they are totally correct, I think quite a special collection
I have taken three pictures of each , one of the reverse side showing the workmanship