Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Dorset Spinners

I am now the proud owner of this lovely Apron bearing the magnificiant head of one of the members Rams. I have always admired Ann's ( seen left spinning)
Our Hostess today Mildred who has been weaving for years scurried off to her studio and returned with this one for me, the Guild have their own design now so this is rather special.

Several of our members have their own sheep so spin the most amazing natural coloured fleece although we do have dyeing days ...can't wait for that!
We sorted my rug fringe out which was having a bad hair day,so I have learnt yet another skill today. I am all ready to start another.
I do have another rug project on the go with wonderful rustic wools I have gathered, it is a continuous knitted tube which I found in a pattern for a bag, this was the straps.
It is like French knitting only done on double ended needles and much bigger.I am hoping to make a rug by coiling it in the same way you make a braided this space.
Another spinner has used the idea to bind the edge of a knitted patchwork,very effective

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