Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Rug finished!!

My first attempt at weaving is now off the loom and an object in it's own right.
I like the idea of making a piece of fabric out of left-overs. This would be ideal in a place where you wanted to get your feet off a cold floor as it is really chunky and cosy. I thought it was quite good on a cold bathroom floor ,I am sure a bit of damp would felt it nicely.
I am now attempting my first solo attempt at re stringing my loom ( I am sure there must be a professional term for that) I await the verdict of my friend and tutor Eileen who is an expert.We have a wonderful barter arrangement , fabric and buttons in exchange for tuition, works really well for both of us. Eileen went off with a collection of Japanese fabric and I can't wait to see what she does with those! she was very excited about the designs.
It is great how we all exchange ideas and everything goes a step further and another cycle of inspiration is sparked off.
I have been allowed to join the Upwey Spinners and weavers group after being invited as a guest on occasions, by friends Sara and Eileen.They are a great group and I have learned so much useful information from them.It is a whole day set aside to being creative in a sociable group. My knitting skills are improving no end and they are all wonderful cooks , keen gardeners
and avid readers. So I have something to look forward to tomorrow, this time we are on a farm.

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