Monday, 9 March 2009

Unidentified object ??

I have been having a rummage in the depths of my studio and come up with some really interesting "stuff " ..can anyone tell me what this is??

Object no 2 sent our Lizzie into raptures, she will tell you more !

I unearthed some French tortoiseshell knitting needles probably " faux " ...but never mind, and much more this'nt it wonderful when you start to Spring clean what you find.

My studio/shed has become a tip over the winter months and I have been longing for the day of sunshine when I could heave things out onto the paving and re organise. A wet morning last week on a post office run with a little deviation to the" Sally Ann  " my favourite charity shop provided the perfect incentive...real wood shelves ! solid wood £15.00 ! I rushed home and took a tape measure down to the shed and burrowed ...yes they would fit . They had to stay in Freida until the day of sunshine arrived but I am so thrilled . Now Freida is full of all the displaced stuff so just as well we have a flea market next weekend at Exeter


  1. Hi Linda - I was intrigued with your unidentified object and did some searching round the net. I thought it was a pinker for leather but I think it is a copy of the Florian Rotary Pinker. There is a good link here on it at this blog. Hope that helps. I love a mystery!

  2. thank you will look that up, how kind of you