Monday, 13 April 2009

Isobelle de Borchgrave

Please visit this link, It is a delight especially the video.
I discovered it when I bought a wrap at Honiton textile Fair which was made by Petrusse and designed by Isobelle de Borchgrave.
I find it quite inspirational.
I used to sell shawls to Petrusse which she took to India to be the base for her designs for her shop in Paris and Bordeaux. We met at Olga's fabulous antique textile fair in La Mans.
I visited the shop in Paris. It very chic, imagine my pleasure to have this find at Honiton.

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  1. I had forgoten how wonderful this lady is. Thank you for this reminder. I will keep it on my blog, if thats OK.
    Lizzie x