Sunday, 3 May 2009

Crossley Mosaics

Today my son Lawrence and I went to our local car boot ,it was quite late in the morning as far as booting is concerned so was not hoping for much.
Lawrence found some rare records he could use for " mixing " as he is a D.J. and I found a charming embroidered picture ...more about that later...
on one of the last stalls in amongst some pictures was what appeared to be a velvet printed picture the couple on the stall said Oh yes that's quite old oh yes it was in an old fire screen, something was ringing in the back of my mind so I paid my 50 pence and came on home.
Later in the day I was searching my memory for something I remembered buying about 15 years ago it was under glass not the most interesting subject,but on the back was a brief explanation of these rare and quite amazing " Crossley Mosaics " so I started searching the Internet and kept getting carpets of course, I tried Carpet pictures as Crossley was stuck in my mind and Bingo it all came up in Calderdale Museum archives with a document describing the whole process of these mid 19th. century pictures.

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