Sunday, 3 May 2009

Lizzie and Linda Franglaise in Brittany

We have had another really super trip to Brittany. It is becoming  our regular fix.
We left Dorchester on a lovely sunny evening arriving at Portsmouth in good time for our boarding on an overnight to St Malo.
It is so amusing people watching in the line , it was to be a full ship this time but we had our cabin booked and the prospect of a good dinner and a nice glass of wine while sailing out of the harbour past the Naval fleet and the Historic Dockyards. We were in luck the sea was calm. We spent a pleasant evening over dinner and then enjoying the shops which have some really good decorative items  reasonably priced.
We sailed into St malo over breakfast, yes I know food is a priority on these trips!! It is a spectacular place to arrive at by sea , have a look at my slide show, if you click on it you can view it full size.
We made a quick exit this morning as security was light , we were struck by the gorgeous flowers on every roundabout and along the roads, all in pastel shades and not at all formal.
We left St Malo and headed round the bay towards Avaranche to meet our friend Ticky in St Hilaire for Lunch , we were on a slightly different route so soon spotted the magic sign Brocante where we found our first purchases after sitting outside a tin shack waiting for opening time. The owner arrived and recognised us as Trade ! he was very generous so we will be going back there.
We visited a few more places some we knew and others were fresh ground ..exciting .It is a lottery on whether they are open or not it ,is random place to place ,some close Wed. some close Thursd. some only operate afternoons and some only weekends and two to three hour lunch breaks makes you plan very carefully so you have lunch and are on the road to the next place in time for afternoon opening. I have a whole diary on all the permutations now ,however Saints days are another hazard when you only have a day!
We had great fun following tick round all sorts of back roads through stunning countryside until it was time for us to head back to Hotel Ibis for the night. we checked in just to reassure we had a room then went off to play in the supermarket.
Supper and a pitcher of wine while we re played the day and thought of all the new goodies in the back of Freidatoo.
We always spend a fortune on magazines for inspiration and ideas The colours of France are so subtle.
Several pairs of sheets suitable for making fab curtains. we were really pleased to find.
More monogrammed napkins , a set of 12 hooray
Lovely red and white tea towels Thank you Ticky for your input 
strings and things
Various vintage apparel bits
Antique Indigo smock rare
See you at Honiton or Poundbury our next Fairs.

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  1. Glad you had a good trip Linda! Just got back from France myself.. must get some piccies on the blog!
    Lizzie x