Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Petworth cont.

There were some very talented artists and makers at Petworth,  John Gillow brought a really exotic mix as always. John travels lectures and gathers beautiful textiles and has written some wonderful books which are  collectors bibles. He is always so helpful and informative and generous hearted. I bought a stunning quilt from him.
Elizabeth Baer ( Buff to her friends ) is the founder of our group Talent for Textiles, she had an astounding array of French fabrics and is so knowledgeable as those of you that follow her blog will realise.Polly was also with us with her fantastic dyed linens and quilts ,we had a lovely time together and a most successful fair.
Every day we had a different band which was lovely ,people took a break and sat under the trees before doing the rounds again so as not to miss a thing.
Our Lizzie had been the speaker at a Quilters Open day but arrived in time for a lovely dinner at The Horse Guards Inn Tillington Saturday night and did the last two days with us.

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