Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Petworth House Textile Event

We were so lucky with the weather and what a gorgeous venue. Tented pavilions round an ancient huge tree. I arrived Friday afternoon after taking the pretty route on the 272 through the best of English countryside. Lots of familiar faces and a great atmosphere. The boys helped us into our stalls and the rest of the afternoon spent in quiet concentration with occasional breaks to see who was setting up and what goodies they had brought.
Antique textiles are only a part of this event so lots of interesting textile art and craft to interest us, another way of looking at things


  1. Both venues look amazing, I'm sorry I missed both. Is that Sue from Vintage to Victorian at Poundbury? Are those French storage jars yours? I do like them.

  2. Think I have signed in as wrong blog!

  3. Yes Ruth that is Sue with the tractor, she was with us all day.
    Yes we have to eat a lot of French jam to collect the jars!! no hardship they have such a fantastic variety in French supermarkets although you can get them here but not the same variety if you read my diary page on you will find out where we are showing