Sunday, 14 June 2009

If it's Thursday it must be Calne & Friday Calstone Wellington Sat / Sund. Bath Phew!!

Opposite the hotel was a little oasis with a stream , moorhens and lots of places to sit. There was an amazing mural on the end of an old building depicting the main aspects of life in Calne.
Overlooking this lovely stream was an Italian Restaurant , we earmarked that for supper and sat in the sun in the Hotel courtyard over a Guiness until Loveday arrived.
We were not dissapointed , Supper was excellent and we had great fun catching up and relaxing before the next run of working days.

Lizzie and I came across this rather abstract piece of sculpture on the way back to the Hotel and admired the welding and colour. It was not until we looked back across the road that we realised what the subject was !!!

Well we started packing cars Tuesday !! We packed Freidatoo with Textiles fortunately the weather was good so I could empty the studio and sort in the garden. Wed. we packed LizziesRenault from our stores ready for Bath Assembly Rooms.
Thursday we were off to Calne to stay the night at the Landsdowne Strand Hotel in the old part of Calne , it was an old coaching Inn and an amazing mix of old buildings with a big courtyard and stables where the teams of horses would have been kept for the London to Bath coaches.
It was not bad but why is there such a lack of imagination in the decor of these places, it is not cheap to stay in England and this was about as far from "Horse Guards Inn" where we stayed in Sussex as you could get.!! It was clean and friendly.
Lizzie and I had a wander round the near neighborhood and a great effort had been made , however as soon as you got up the road you wanted to go no further .
The Hotel had several aspects that reminded you of " Fawlty Towers " which made us giggle , but the staff were very willing.

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