Friday, 7 August 2009

Loft rummagings

On my foray to the loft yesterday, (well it was wet was'nt it so something different) I went through my box of pictures and found this little gem
I bought her about 10 years ago along with some Flora McDonald memorabilia and stage costume. It is a mixture of painting and collage and there is a tiny title underneath saying " Mrs Egerton as Helen Macgregor so not Flora.
It was pre Google for me so I did not pursue it but it did hang on the wall in Muckleford very happily.
Having Googled I find this Mrs Egerton was an actress from Torrington Devon and played on stage at Bath and in 1811 Covent Garden.
She was not particularly talented according to The Gentleman's magazine but useful in many parts and excelled in a few parts , these being Scotts Wild women ! from his novels Madge Wildfire, Meg Merrilies and Helen Macgregor.
So I should think early 19th cent nice veneered frame .
Any ideas where I might go with this next ?

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