Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Simple things...

I love all the simple things from everyday life, they all tell such a story about their moment in time , some have lasted to the present day. I think I have never really recovered from my Kitchenalia days, my studio is littered with things that spoke to me . it's just as well Lizzie and me have booked an outside spot at the September Shepton Mallet as we will be able to do Brocante as well as Textiles
Handmade buttons for your bed linen
Old reels, I have been given some ideas from my fellow bloggers in American and Sweden for a use for these. I have used them as candlesticks in the past
These huge polishing cloths were obviously for the Butler to clean the Silver
Twines fascinate me , all the different uses , its about texture again I think and anything linen or hemp. These are some of the goodies I bought from Caroline Bushell, her stall and her Antique centre the Fountain in Honiton is a must visit for everyone


  1. Such a shame I couldn't do the Rag Market. I'd double-booked and as the alternative included 2 days away for us both, booked without thinking, I had to cancel my RM pitch. It sounds as if you had a great time (as always) and I wish I'd been able to pop into Caroline's shop on our way back from Cornwall but we were later than intended.

    I'm having trouble accessing your blog for some reason. I get one screen of text but can't scroll down to read the rest. Sooooo frustrating as I feel I'm missing out on it all!!!!!

    Sue x

  2. Beeautiful handmade buttons. I must say I've never heard of them for bed linens. Love your spools. I have a mantle full. Perfect for display or to wrap lovely trims around.

  3. PS - Guess what - it seems to have sorted itself, so I've been able to catch up with the last few weeks of your posts!

  4. Oh thank goodness Sue I was worried , the Cornwall Fair looked wonderful I would love to have been there xxxxxxxx

  5. Stephanie let me know if there are any you see that would complete your collection xxxxnice to hear from you
    those buttons were often on the old linen pillow cases

  6. What lovely things, I look forward to seeing your stand at SM. Have a good week.

  7. Oh thank you Clare look forward to seeing you too