Monday, 9 November 2009

My " Mooks " have arrived

My " Mooks " arrived today, I now feel very " up to the minute ! " I learnt about these from an American Blog I follow . They are Japanese , a cross between a magazine and a book hence Mook.
The Japanese take on European Interiors , quite fascinating a real cross pollination of cultures.
I have the Ma Deco a Paris and the second is about a series of young and Artistic couple's Appartements in Paris. There are quite a number and Sweden is another country they focus on.
I braved Amazon Japan to buy these ! that was an experience , the postage was as much as the Mooks !
My son and his Japanese friend are coming for the weekend so will be interested to see what they think; also my friend Janice who loves all things Japanese.


  1. those look fab, how was your journey home on Saturday? Did you make it??? Liz x

  2. Love Japanese books...especially the quilting/sewing. I have NOT braved Amazon Japan, yet.