Sunday, 8 November 2009

Bisley Rag Market ,amazing

Aladdin's Cave , well John Gillows actually!!
Bisley Rag market is in the picturesque Cotswold village of Bisley. The village hall is a delightful wooden building with everything you could want for an event like this and the impression when you walked through the door was so full of promise.
Lizzie and I set up the night before after a fraught journey with Freidatoo threatening to pack up all the way.
Sigh of relief we made it! we were lucky to have our lovely friend Polly to stay with and had a great evening with some wonderful food cooked on the aga and for us a relaxed start next morning .
I could not resist the wonderful exotic heaps on John's stall, I don't think there has been a a occasion when we have been at the same venue that I have not bought. I filled a bag with these lovely things and a few lucky people will be getting a special Christmas presssie !
There were quite a number of us that regularly stand together a various fairs and a good number of for us new faces so shopping was definitely a must.
There were throngs of enthusiastic buyers and what an interesting and lovely crowd they were ,the whole day gave you a warm glow,
The girls who did the food produced the most delicious selection and were lovely.
What more can I say it was just perfect.
Anf the car ?? that was another story lets just say we got home courtesy of the big yellow lorry with the generous support of my David who turned out to help


  1. Oh Linda, what a shame that Freidatoo misbehaved. You haven't had her long enough for her to start throwing tantrums!!

    Glad Bisley was such a success.

    Looking forward to seeing you at Bridport.

    Sue x

  2. thanks Sue to quote a friend of mine " I am like a bulldog chewing a wasp " at the moment!!!!