Thursday, 5 November 2009

Welcome to my " Office"

I am not sure whether my office is in my wardrobe or my wardrobe is in my office!!
The little boxroom of our tiny house contains both. It is really cosy and David has fitted shelves and desk for me so it is a bit like my days of living on a boat ..compact I think is the word.
As you can see lots of my favorite "sillies" scattered about,it looks over the garden and the two lovely Georgian houses which back onto us ,I can see the park between the two houses and the lovely chestnut trees , not bad for a town house.
This is where I blog and twitter and work on my Web site. I enjoy the interaction with textile dealers all over the world , my goodness you can spend some time reading interesting blogs!
Anyway do come for a coffee is you are passing just give me a ring 07976980543

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