Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Country Christmas Capers !

I have been out into the countryside today to visit friends and ex neighbours , firstly to Muckleford to deliver my iced cake and truffles for June and Les ( Christmas tree ) and my lovely ex neighbour Sue, who I have traditionally for years help decorate and do her special table piece in time for visitors.
The steep drive was an ice rink so I had to settle for leaving Freidathree parked cross ways across the entrance facing the right way to go after some rather hairy slidy 6 point turns!
My next port of call was a friend who lives in an idyllic period lodge half way down the drive of a country Estate.
It did not look too bad but is on a hill and I got thoroughly stuck trying to get large Volvo through her gate in reverse so as to be able to get out without having to turn on grass. After some fraught moments I managed to regain traction and get on terra firma so drove to the bottom turned and made a run for it which was fine until I stopped outside the lodge. I reversed again right to the bottom and set off again and this time did not stop until I was over the cattle grid and on the level again at the road where I left the car and walked the 1/4 mile back to Della's I had my snow boots , think Freidathree needs snow tyres, we always did change tyres in Canada with the seasons.
Anyway tippytoed along the backroads to join the A37 and made it home safe and sound. Glorious sunshine made the countryside look crisp and wonderful , so nice to get out of town

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