Sunday, 20 December 2009

No 10 is on the cutting board

Finally last week I found the " Missing Link " the right sweater to pull it all together.
I waved the family off after our Christmas weekend and headed for the studio, I have been cutting squares all afternoon and just laid out my frame. I will probably fiddle with it a bit but am quite pleased with the balance , it is giving me no visual tension up to now.
Perhaps the centre square could be more definite as in a medallion quilt ?
what do you think girls ??


  1. Linda, you are so original and practical - what could be more British, practical and attractive than a cosy rug made of Fairisle knitting, all lovingly bound and backed to last for years, using the unique patterns in a new way to blend and please - I have one, so I know just how light and cosy these chequerboard designs are - keep one at the ready, end of my bed!

  2. Thank you Buffy you are very sweet . I am enjoying being back doing them after a break , I still need traditional wool Fair Isle if any one sees any, neutral colours would be preferable love Lindaxx