Saturday, 12 December 2009

Ticket to ride!

The Quilt above is trapunto,made from very early linen with a historical story and just wonderful

Some good friends of mine told me about the " megatrain" which is an intercity service where if you book ahead you can get incredible bargains. I did some fishing and eventually managed to book a return trip to London for 2 for £31.00!! you can apparently do even better .
So Lizzie and I decided an afternoon and early evening at the V&A would suit us .
It was all so easy and we treated ourselves to a cab to enjoy the views from Waterloo over the River to Westminster through Belgavia past the Palace to Kensington . We had a real Cockney driver who held forth on his political views.
From the moment we set foot through the door there was an air of anticipation and a buzz about the place. The new Gallery of Medieval and Renaissance has just opened and that was our first stop. We were really impressed with the layout.

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