Saturday, 12 December 2009

Theatre at the V&A

I was fascinated by the miniature Theatres , when I was a child I used to make them out of shoe boxes and if you put a hole in one end and looked through you could imagine you were there

The Theatrical Gallery was like being in " wonderland " It was so much fun and very entertaining with video snips and all sorts of pro active things to do naturally we were drawn to the uniforms in the dressing up pile !
The wardrobe department was so interesting. There were costumes from famous shows in the display cases and it was some time before we dragged ourselves away.
The lighting gave you the feeling you had stepped back in time , memories of pantomime came flooding back, a crowd of us always went with the children Christmas time in Richmond and it was followed by a special tea.


  1. looks so lovely, we will have to go together at some point, still havent made it back to the V&A. Really looking forward to seeing you this weekend xxxx