Friday, 14 May 2010

In another life I was a furniture dealer

I always loved wood and polished everything in sight in my kitchenalia and furniture days. I still can't resist doing the odd piece, makes such a change from ironing!
Is'nt this little spice unit a sweetie ? This one is destined for Poundbury in the Brocante department, I have been out spreading the word and papering the streets girls to make sure you get a good turn out June 2nd.


  1. What a cutie! looking forward to Poundbury, I have been spreading the word too! xx

  2. And so have I; I look forward to this fair especxially as I have room to bring some of my brocante bits; I have several laundry related tools and accessories, a very colourful screen painted canvas with delectable cupids romping around - -I think it is an old school scenery prop for a classical theme, no doubt painted by a skilfull art-master, and ideal as a pool or bathroom changing screen. Poundbury is a really dramatic background for our event and people come from far and wide to look at the new architecture and visit our grand two storey market full of the Best of the West.