Thursday, 13 May 2010

Need a needle ?????

Amongst my haberdashery hoard I have a needle for nearly everything !! starting from £1.00 a pkt. I so love the old art work on the packaging don't you? I am also reminded of the various crafts that have been fashionable over the last century such as raffia work
Needless to say postage is minimal so have a shopping spree


  1. That's quite a collection. I have my grandmother's needles still in their original package. A real little treasure.

  2. Hi Stephanie nice of you to visit what is your favorite colour this month

  3. Hi Linda

    It looks as if you have a needle for every occasion there. The baby arrived yesterday, so I may manage to get to Poundbury after all. Can't guarantee it, though, as it's my day at DH. Am in the middle of shopping withdrawals, so do hope I can come!!

    Sue x