Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas at no 2

View from my office
My wooden birds
Santa has been busy
Many cooks
I have just had a text from my children to say they have reached Putney where Lawrence and Nagisa live. Sam has to go to Hemel Hempstead then I can relax.
Ever since I have been on my own with my children when Lawrence was 10 and Samantha thirteen, we established our own Christmas traditions and elected to do the whole thing a week before Christmas , a special celebration just for us so that on " The Day " choices were made easier they could be with Dad or Grandparents or friends and no one had to feel torn.
If I was alone I used to spoil myself and relax having already done it all.
I really thought this year the weather was going to spoil it all and was thrilled but rather nervous when I got a message saying they were at Fleet services, it was snowing but Sam's French farmer's car was making steady progress ! They battled down Puddletown bypass which was thick with snow despite the brilliant sunshine and arrived bearing gifts and the usual germs! just in time judging from the phonecall from my sister in Surrey who said is was blizzard conditions there after they had passed through.
As you can see Santa's helper had been busy stuffing stockings which were all opened this morning including mine which they do!!
We had a special treat for lunch Nagisa and Lawrence prepare Japanese dumplings wow yummy
Does anyone know where I can get the little dumpling pancakes here in Dorset as I have a nice stash of filling in the freezer.


  1. Since I divorced, I have never been allowed to have Tom for Christmas so we used to go away for NY and take him diving, much better. This year he is taking me clay pigeon shooting on BD. Hopefully as Tom will not be here on the 25th Michael and I are planning to take our gas burner, kettle, frying pan, to the seaside and have bacon butties & tea for lunch having walked Flo on a beach, another walk and come home!
    The Japanese dumplings sound divine, I hope you can find the pancakes, have you tried online?
    T X

  2. Oh Tracy how romantic ! yes on line is probably the answer thanks xxx
    do you twitter ??