Sunday, 26 December 2010

Muckleford revisited Christmas morning

My friend June bearing gifts

Tessa and Andrews Old Chapel

Old Dorset thatch
Twin cottages Foxlea and Hazelbank
Excuse me if I indulge in a little nostalgia , it's that time of year after all.
Those of you that have known me for a while will remember Hazelbank at Muckleford where I was for nine years.
I have kept the connection with my friends and neighbours there and try to be there Christmas morning to see Sue and June each year.
I always have a little lump in my throat as the memories there are very strong and we all had some wonderful times as it was the sort of house you could fill with people and we often did.
So for all of us a few pictures of it looking like a picture book
Merry Boxing Day to You All xxxxx

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  1. Lovely to have memories and piccies of a special place. Hope your weekend is enjoyable. Liz xx