Monday, 27 December 2010

Restoring Quilts, long job but worth the effort

This antique Durham is gorgeous, look at the quilting !
The problem was it had raggy frayed edges otherwise great.
I am reluctant to just bind them and machine the edge , I prefer to unpick far enough back and cut back the batting so you can fold over the edges and hand sew them down.
The result I think you will agree is much more pleasing and often hardly discernible.
It has taken me 12 hours up to now, I just have to stitch down two sides it is all pinned.
So now you know how I have spent my Boxing Day !!
very satisfying now I am on the home straight.


  1. Its beautiful ! what a lovely job you are doing-I would love to own that !

  2. could be yours , Happy New Year Janet.
    Actually I have called it a Durham but looking at the spirals could be Welsh ?? xxLinda

  3. Absolutely beautiful quilt, and what a lovely neat repair you are doing.
    Jo xx

  4. Ooh, such beauty !
    You are a talented lady indeed, it always makes me smile to see an old piece restored and loved.
    I thank you for stopping by my little place, and look forward to visiting back and forth, and enjoying all of your handicraft work.

  5. Hi jo great to have you visit its good fun this blogging is'nt it .
    Have you snow now ? x Linda

  6. There is something so very satisfying about hand sewing; very calming and therapeutic.