Wednesday, 23 March 2011

"Avalon" fabulous new venue for Talent for Textiles

Elizabeth Baer has a fantastic nose for a good venue to delight "Talent for Textiles" followers.
The latest find is quite thrilling, it poses a few challenges not least the feisty chickens sitting on eggs in the huge hay cart !! one raised merry hell the whole time we were there on Tuesday to work out table plans.
Lizzie and I met Elizabeth at Glastonbury Somerset rural life Museum, Abbey Barn is 14th century and just breathtaking.
May 20th is not an event to miss!
There is a lovely museum attached with a great cafe ,we tested the fare it was delicious!
It is a short way to The Abbey and a walk directly to the Tor .It is free entry too
The first thing they did was hand out hard hats! mostly you needed to watch where you walked not worry about things dropping on your head, as they are replacing a pair of the huge side doors , experts using techniques from ancient times just fascinating, it is a magnificent space.
There is going to be an amazing selection of dealers from all spectrum's of Textiles and Glastonbury is an interesting town so please pass the word and come and enjoy a "T for T experience "


  1. It certainly is a fabulous building with good vibes!!

  2. What a fantastic setting! I have made a note of the date.

  3. This looks as though it will be a wonderful setting. Hope I can make it.

  4. wow! it looks amazing.. how exciting to be part of it!

  5. Looking forward to being there, what fun!!!

  6. What a wonderful building - I'm looking forward to the event - I've been handing out flyers like fury! :)
    Maybe see you Sunday at Bridport,

  7. Hi Linda
    What a fantastic venue, I am hoping to get there.
    T x