Sunday, 20 March 2011

Bits and Bobs this and that

I find it totally fascinating what can turn up in otherwise seemingly simple sewing boxes !
can you imagine having hose in the colours of these mending yarns, wow they were so chic.
This was also the period when zips were new and big and least they did not fall appart at the first excuse like the horrid plastic ones we have now !! some would make a fab feature in some customized garment they are so chunky and bold...ideas please readers, I have lots and lots!!
And what about these ? I love the way these are presented, obviously a special purchase or present

And this is just the cutest thing , what story it could tell ?A traveling sewing kit, how long has it been in the bottom of this ottoman ?

And this gorgeous little 1920's " China -man " travel set, is'nt he fun

finally this lovely little painted wooden pin cushion just so much in it's period , I love it


  1. Love the tortoiseshell sewing box. Is it for sale?

  2. Hello Sue,afraid you were just pipped at the post by a collector friend of mine , she has not seen it yet and is very specific, if it is not for her would you still be interested ?