Thursday, 3 March 2011

Franglais at Ardingly

Monday we collected our van and after a full morning of packing and sorting we were happy to get on the road and have a nice gentle drive to The Copthorne Hotel , we go the pretty route and arrive in time for a relaxing evening with our feet up ready for the next day.
The Hotel is only a few miles from the showground so makes life simple with a 4.30 am start and in the line of vans an hour later.
There is such a feeling of anticipation and this time it is dry but freezing freezing cold.
We always line and carpet our Shopping Arcade pitch and it makes a huge difference when you are in a muddy field for two days. Doormats and carpets welcome our customers and they love it.
We hung our gorgeous French fabrics this time , so much hopping about on tables with pegs for moi
Thanks Alex for the help xx
There were some wonderful things to be seen all over the showground , lots of decorative stuff, some amazing lumps of reclamation, it was really buzzy and busy ....we love it
the first day we were so thrilled to get back to a warm room and deep hot baths a glass of wine and room service, we were frozen to the tips of our toes but at least not wet like last time.
Second day was more low key, a lot of public will pay to be there on the first day with the Trade, second day we still had some good sales and the sun came out hoorah but the wind soooo cold.
Got packed up by 4.30 and headed home via Mac's our naughty little treat at Petersfield.
French stock went well , lots of shops buying from us . we won't be there in April as we are heading south on a buying trip so next time is July


  1. It certainly was very cold on Tuesday.

  2. I am so glad that the wet stuff stayed away. It was lovely to see you both, even though every time I walked by you were too busy for me to come in.
    T x

  3. oh thank you sweetheart you looked like you had shopped well as always xx thanks for the cheery visit, we were frozen by the end