Saturday, 5 March 2011

Richmond Re visited

Fellow dealer and great friend Sandra , we met for tea and scones down the lanes in Richmond to catch up on family news, more relaxing than Ardingly when we were too busy buying and selling to relax
Richmond riverside is a delight , really funny for me as so much was familiar yet so much had changed! just along from here was the Italian shack David and I used to love in early 70's.

Henry V111's Palace is just down from here just off Richmond Green

this Heron was like a stuffed bird amongst the ducks and Canada geese , never moved !

Richmond boat builders are famous, I asked this one if he was building " Gigs " we race them in the West he says these are ancient Greek boats for a film circa BC !
I took a " Megatrain" to London to catch up with my son and see his new flat in Putney , look them up you can get amazing deals on trains, takes a bit of fiddling but I got a trip to London for £26 return.
I could not resist the opportunity to go to Richmond where I lived in 70's and where Lawrence works , so was able to meet my friend for afternoon tea and re visit old haunts, meet Lawrence after work and go a few stops on the train to Putney.


  1. Linda looks like a lovely day out, M's sister lives in East Molesley, I love that drive in past the houseboats (would love to live on one)and the big waterworks buildings.
    I hope you enjoyed visiting your son.
    T x

  2. Hi I had a lovely time, my sister used to live in Molesley small world ! did you do Sherbourne yesterday ?xx