Friday, 27 May 2011

Further travel tales of Franglais on tour !

Are you still with us ??!! or have you got lost along the way!
We left Caroline in her paradise and started to head North, it seemed a long time since we had started out as we had done and seen so much.
Before we joined the motorway we did a small detour to a Brocante in a neighbouring village, Montreal in a lovely old building and just full of goodies , but best of all a whole corner shelved out and given over to Linen and Textiles.The young couple who run it were so friendly and helpfull and we bought a huge pile before heading off to our next destination.
By some miracle we managed to get on the right road to take us round Toulouse , and on through some more lovely countryside through the Agen famous for it's prunes onwards on the N21 through the Lot Valley and into the Dordogne , I was quite unprepared for it to be so beautiful and when we got into the wine country so pretty and quite different again.
Friends Leslie and Tony live just on the outskirts of Bergerac, which is a fabulous and historic town definitely a favourite and one to re visit.
Our friends have lovely gardens and space with lots of out-buildings one which houses Leslies's workshop and one for Tony for his carpentry , and still more to develope .
The duck " Ducky " they had from an egg if you know what I mean !
not remembering they had chickens we had taken a dozen new laid eggs from Caroline's flock so Leslie whipped up an amazing Spanish omlett and a salad from the vegetable patch yummy

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